If you’re new to Presenter, here’s a quick overview of some things that’ll help you work effectively with player templates. Be sure to check out our other tutorials on player templates too, if you’re interested in learning how to customize your player.

#1: How to Access and Edit Your Player Template

When you start a new presentation from scratch, it inherits the player template you used for the most recent presentation you published. (Or, if your Presenter installation is brand-new, your presentation inherits a pre-loaded template called Corporate Communications.) Here’s how to access and edit your template:

  1. Access the template being used by opening your presentation in PowerPoint and selecting Player Templates from the Articulate menu.
  2. The template currently in use will appear in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window.  Click any tab on the left edge (Layout, Navigation, Player Controls, etc.) to access different aspects of the template. 
  3. You can make adjustments to any of the template settings to suit your needs. (Keep in mind that anything you change will affect other presentations that use that template, if you open those presentations and republish them.) You can take a peek at how your changes will look by clicking Preview.
  4. Click Close and save your changes when you're finished editing the template.

#2:  How to Switch to a Different Player Template

When you first install Presenter, it'll have four predefined templates already loaded. You can easily switch to a different one — or to any new templates you've created, by following these steps:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and select Player Templates from the Articulate menu.
  2. Click the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window and choose the template you want to use. To see what your player would look like with that template, you can always click Preview after selecting the template.
  3. If you decide to switch to a different template for your course, you'll need to make sure to point to that template when it's time to publish your presentation. (Otherwise, Presenter defaults to whatever player template you used when you last published a presentation.) When you're ready to publish, select Publish from the Articulate menu.
  4. Choose one of the publish options on the left edge of the window (Web, Articulate Online, LMS, etc.). Then check the Player Template field. If it shows a different template than the one you want to use, click the dropdown and select the one you want. Then click Publish.

When you view your published presentation, you'll see that the player characteristics match what you specified in the template. That's it!

#3: How to Save and Customize Your Wwn Player Template

In addition to using the player templates that come with Presenter, you can save and customize an unlimited number of your own templates to suit the needs of your projects. For example, for elearning programs that target a K-through-12 audience, I might create a super-colorful template with lots of free-navigation options. But for corporate safety-compliance modules, I'd probably want a template with a more conservative look and feel — and I might even apply tighter navigation controls to make sure users don’t speed through my course. Presenter makes it easy to customize your own templates:

  1. Select Player Templates from the Articulate menu.
  2. Click File at the bottom of the window.
  3. Using the dropdown menu, you can:
    • Create a New template from scratch,
    • Select New from existing to base your new template on one you already have, or
    • Select Save As... to make a new copy of the template you're currently working with.
  4. Name your new template and click OK.

Presenter stores the new template on your computer and applies it to the presentation you're currently working on. You can customize it however you like, and you can also apply it to any other presentation, using the steps we covered earlier.

#4: How to Share Your Player Templates with Colleagues

If you work in a team, there will probably be times when you'll want to share your custom templates with your colleagues. Here's an easy way to do it:

  1. Navigate to the location on your computer where your player templates are stored. (Click here to determine where they're located.)
  2. Find the .xml file that matches the template you want to share.
  3. Send a copy of that file to your colleagues, and have them place it in the location where their Presenter templates are stored.

When your colleagues open PowerPoint on their own PCs and click Articulate>Player Templates, the new template will appear in their available player templates, accessible via the dropdown at the bottom of the window.

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