From Medical Template to Workplace Safety

A few weeks ago David Anderson challenged the E-Learning Heroes community to get creative with medical-themed templates. And as usual, the community did not disappoint! We had some great entries showcasing your instructional and visual design prowess—along with some kick-butt Articulate Storyline expertise.

For me, one of the standout templates from that challenge was Surgical Protocols from Josh Stoner. It stuck out for me because of its very flexible design. Everything about it, from the size of the screen (a custom widescreen setting in Josh's original) to the photo images and content layouts were all things that I could easily transform for an office, classroom, or retail setting—actually just about any setting, industry, or subject matter—by making a few simple design changes.

Here’s a short video highlighting how I followed Josh’s lead and adapted his design to create a brand new template for a totally different subject matter.

View the template in action


Looking for more tips on working with screen size in Storyline? Check out this great article from Nicola Appel.

The visual design resources I used in this transformation are all free and/or very low-cost with standard licensing.

And for more design inspiration, check out these handy community resources to get the ideas flowing:

Have you ever transformed a template for a different industry or subject? How did it go? Leave us a comment below to share your experience.

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