Get Your Game On with 5 Gamification Examples

This month we’re exploring gamification—how to use game dynamics to up learners’ engagement level on e-learning. It can be tough to envision a practical approach to gamifying e-learning if you’ve never done it before, so we’ve rounded up some fresh examples to show you what gamified e-learning e-learning can look like.

Of course, every e-learning developer puts their own spin on e-learning games; you’re sure to find some practical approaches in the examples below that you can put to work. Let’s get our game on!

  • See how you can make over an existing interaction in Allison LaMotte’s “meet the team” interaction. (And, BONUS, she just posted the download too.) 
  • Feel the pressure? The timer adds tons of excitement to this time management game by Phil Eagles.
  • Move fast to get meals on the table for hungry diners in this short-order cook challenge by Stratbeans.
  • Laugh, cry, and learn in this witty video interview game by Zsolt Olah.
  • Practice assembling delicious meals in this chef challenge by Tania Vercoelen.

This is just a taste of this month’s gamification goodness. Take a deep dive into our full series of gamification articles, examples, and downloads here. And if you’d like to share your game examples, feel free to post them in this E-Learning Challenge.

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