In a previous blog post, I showed how to convert bullet point text to an interactive video. This is a nice way to show video and let the learner choose whether to watch the video and pause at key points or go through the video first and then revisit the key points. Lots of neat possibilities with this approach.

You can also do something similar in Articulate Quizmaker. The only difference is that you don’t get the interactive capability. But you do get to leverage the timeline in Quizmaker for easy authoring and you can stack content on top of the video to create pop ups or call outs.

Check out the example below.

Click here to view the elearning example.

Here’s a link to a quick tutorial that shows how I created the file in Quizmaker.

And you can download the source file here to check it out in your elearning lab.

The Basic Steps

  • Create a blank slide in Quizmaker.
  • Add the video and content to the slide.
  • Use the timeline to change the stacking order if overlaying on top of video and the entry/exit points of the various objects.

That’s about it. Pretty simple.

Post written by Tom Kuhlmann

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