I’m often asked my opinion about the best way to learn Storyline. I’m not getting on my high horse here, but I like to answer there usually isn’t a single, best way to learn. I mean, the Articulate community isn’t a one-horse town, you know?

We have the Getting Started tutorials, mini-workshops, free templates, and even classroom training to help users get up and running. You can recreate a project from our showcase, or try a sample multimedia journalism project.

But really, I think the best way is really simple: Horse around and build something fun and unrelated to your day job. Toys are a great place to find ideas.

As it turns out, Storyline is pretty popular with toddlers—once you show them how you can use it with their favorite toys.

What are we building?

This is a really simple hover-and-reveal interaction. Mouse over each pony to play an audio track. Mousing over each pony also fades out the other ponies to emphasize the selected pony.

Preview the final project

How can I use this in the real world?

This is a great template for interactive scenarios or ask-the-expert slides where you want learners to hear from multiple characters.

You could also use this as a quiz template where you listen to each expert before making a decision.

Are there tutorials for this project?

Yup, five screencasts that will walk you through putting this together. We even put together some source files so you can follow along.

The project takes about 30 minutes to complete.


Video tutorials:

  1. Overview
  2. Customizing the slide master, inserting images and naming timeline layers
  3. Inserting slide layers and adding content
  4. Inserting hotspots, adding triggers and slide transitions
  5. Inserting and editing audio on slide layers