Among of the benefits of including a well designed quiz as part of your elearning course is the beneficial feedback it provides. Specifically, providing feedback on incorrect answers can correct learner misconceptions and significantly improve their performance. (1

“Studies that compare feedback to not giving feedback generally find improvements with feedback—sometimes small but oftentimes quite substantial improvements.” Will Thalheimer “Providing Learners with Feedback

Enabling this type of feedback is super easy in Articulate Storyline. Simply checking the Result Slide options to “Allow user to review quiz” and “Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing” will take care of everything for most types of questions.

However, for Freeform Drag and Drop questions, you’ll need to make one easy tweak to display the correct answers during the quiz review.

Watch this screencast for an overview, then you can follow the steps provided below.

Click here to see the published demo

How It Works

Enable Post Quiz Review

They key to making this work is enabling the Review layer. When you enter text into the POST-QUIZ REVIEW box Storyline will automatically create the Review layer on your question slide.

Customize the Review Layer

When  you go to this Review layer, you’'ll see a text box that contains the text you entered. Since we’re not using this for our example here, we’ll just move it off the slide.

Hide Base Layer Drag Items

By default,during the quiz review, a drag and drop question will show the drag items in the place they were dropped without any indication of what the correct answers are. Those drag items are on the base layer so we can hide them using the timeline by expanding the Base Layer Objects and hiding all of the drag items

Duplicate Drag Items and Place in Correct Location

Now that we are  no longer displaying the drag items where they were dropped by your learners, we need to duplicate them and place them in the right locations on the Review layer to show the correct answer.

And that’s how easy it is to show the correct answers for your Freeform Drag and Drop questions in Articulate Storyline.

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(1) Thalheimer, Will. Providing Learners with Feedback. Web. 20 Sept. 2013.