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I recently created this fun example with Articulate Presenter ’13 and thought I’d share the template with the community and let you guys know a bit about what went into it.

Select Images

My first step was to head over to MorgueFile to hunt for some playful imagery for my template. MorgueFile is a go-to site for me, as the graphics are not only high-quality and the selection wide, but they’re free for commercial use without attribution. I did a search for vegetables and found hundreds of photos. From those, I selected my top five to six shots, which were all bright and colorful images.

Add Colorful Shapes

I was going for a block-like, grid-style look with my template, so after I had laid out the veggie images, I inserted a rectangle shape and interspersed them throughout. I then adjusted the colors to make each rectangle the same color as its associated vegetable (except the onion, which is white, so I went with blue).

Create Content Slides

Once my title slide was nicely designed, I built out a slide for each vegetable. I started off with one slide and got it looking how I wanted, with the chevron shapes acting as Back and Next navigation icons. Then, I duplicated my first slide and updated the image, text, and shape colors on the duplicates.

Setup Navigation

Finally, with all my slides built out, I set up the navigation for my course. I started by editing the player to remove the menu and all the features on it, to give the course a cleaner, more streamlined look. Then, using hyperlinks, I set up the navigation for all of my chevron shapes. I also dropped in a handwritten note explaining where to click to start the course on the very first slide.

So that’s what went into creating this cool Articulate Studio template! You can head over to the Downloads hub to get this exact template for Studio ’13. Got questions or feedback about it? Leave your comments below, or give us a shout-out on Twitter!

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