This post is written by Tom Kuhlmann, author of the Rapid E-Learning Blog.

At the 2008 ASTD Techknowledge, I gave a presentation on creating interactive rapid elearning.  Many people are looking for ways to take what is normally a linear presentation of information and convert that into something a bit more engaging.  In this presentation I showed how to create interactive content and scenarios.

Click here to view How to Add Interactivity to Your Rapid E-Learning Courses...Rapidly! (48 min)

  • The presentation covers simple ways to build interactive content for your rapid elearning courses.
  • There are two detailed tutorials on creating different types of interactions.
  • Included is a download to the PowerPoint demos used in the post.

You can read more about it in this blog post, How to Add Scenarios to Your Rapid E-Learning Courses…Rapidly!  I also included the .zip file in the downloads section.

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