Recently, I came across this great topic in the Articulate forums: Advancing to Next Slide Automatically After All Layers Are Complete. Community Member Jennifer Greene came to the forums looking for a way to set up her slide so that after the learner has viewed 4 layers in their entirety, the project would automatically jump to the next slide.

I enjoy coming across these questions in the forums because it challenges me to recreate the problem and try to come up with a simple solution. As is usually the case with Storyline, there’s more than one way of creating the functionality requested by Jennifer.

At first, I played around with adjusting variables to trigger the jump to the next slide. Then, I realized I could accomplish the same functionality by using states instead of variables. I like this solution because getting rid of the variables took quite a few steps out of the process from start to finish. Because I recorded a video tutorial for this process, I was trying to keep it as straightforward as possible, so getting rid of steps and simplifying the process is a good thing.

My final solution was to create a custom state called Completed for each button. When the timeline for the layer ends, the state of the corresponding button is adjusted from Normal to Completed. When all four buttons display the Completed state, a trigger automatically jumps to the next slide. And voila! That’s how I accomplished the auto-advance upon slide layers completion.

Download: .Story File

View: Published Output

View: Video Tutorial

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Nicole Legault