How to Design Visual Feedback Meters in Articulate Storyline

In a recent e-learning challenge, I shared a quick tip for leveraging infographics to give your quiz results more impact. It was a simple tip and you guys produced some great examples of results slide makeovers.

In the example project, I used a feedback meter graphic that dynamically changed based on the learner’s current score. Quite a few readers asked how I built the dynamic feedback meter, so I thought I’d share the process from start to finish.

Gauges are a great way to visually communicate a learner’s progress or scores in e-learning quizzes. While Storyline doesn’t include chart-building templates, you can easily design your own graphics using Storyline’s default shape tools.

In this video workshop, you’ll learn to use Storyline’s shape tools to build a gauge graphic for your quiz results slides. You’ll see how to customize the graphic for a variety of possible results scores. You’ll also discover how to link quiz results data to dynamically update the feedback meter based on the learner’s score.

Creating the Gauge Graphics

Setting Up the Quiz

Customizing the Results Slide

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Vickie Melograno

I realize this is old, but I'll post this question in hopes that someone can explain what I'm doing wrong: I'm following the video and I have a couple of questions: 1) Evidently, I'm missing some important concept concerning states. I don't understand why Dave chose the small inner circle (base of the needle) as the "State." To be honest, I feel as if I have some sort of mental block regarding states. I don't get it. I thought I did because I understood that the SL characters, for instance, have different states (e.g., expressions) and that buttons have different states. But I don't understand the concept of putting various graphics in the meter "in" the small oval. 2) At the beginning of the video in which Dave pastes the rest of the meter "in" the small oval (before he begins dup... Expand