Recently, I’ve been to several e-learning industry events where people have asked me about how to improve their e-learning skills. Many hail from jobs or industries where developing an e-learning course is a side project to their daily business, and they are pretty new at course development.

My first recommendation for them is to take a look at the E-Learning Heroes community, which offers great resources in the form of tutorials, e-books, templates, as well as advice from industry experts in the discussions. I also point to the E-Learning Challenges, where they can see solutions to challenges, practice skills, and get helpful advice and feedback.

Outside of the E-Learning Heroes community resources, are there other ideas for improving your e-learning skills? Definitely! Here are some tips on ways you can get the guidance and practice you need to start creating great courses:

Participate in Community Events, Workshops, or User Meetings

Tom Kuhlmann and Articulate’s Community Managers organize and participate in community events on a regular basis, and support Articulate user meetings. Check out our events calendar or the discussions for the latest updates. There are also lots of courses out there by our partners and other organizations that you can find easily in a Google search.

Teach and Help Others

When I am asked to explain how something works, I usually learn something as well. Everyone learns, works, and approaches challenges differently, so it’s always good to observe and learn from them as well. Answering questions might also open new topics you hadn’t known about before.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Frequently, when we’re comfortable with what we’re doing, it’s easy to relax and slip into a routine. So try something to keep honing your skills: try a different approach on a project, or specifically take on a project where you have to learn how to do something new to fulfill the requirements. For example, if you haven’t done software simulations yet, offer to do one; it will force you to learn about it. You can always turn to the community for advice or support if you get stuck.

Collaborate with Others

Working on a team can be inspiring. You can see how others approach tasks or problems and learn from them in the process. To gain skills and experiences in a certain area, find a person who has those skills and ask if he or she would be interested in collaborating. If that’s not possible, you can ask them if they’d be willing to give you constructive feedback about your work.

Now it’s your turn: How do you improve your skills? What’s been the best method for you, or advice you’ve received? Please leave a comment below with your tips and experiences.

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Graeme Orchard