How to Make Numbers Move with Storyline 360 (Plus Free Download!)

Hi E-Learning Heroes friends! Have you ever wanted to create a chart interaction where the numbers changed quickly? Or a test score that animates as the numbers add up to the total? You may have seen this cool effect in video games or on TV shows; it’s a fun and effective way to build suspense as you reveal a learner’s score or the outcome of a scenario.

So if this all adds up for you, I’ve got good news: you can easily create this effect in Storyline 360 by using motion paths, variables, and a few triggers. Here are a few examples where I’ve used it:

Cool, right? Let me show you how to do this so you can jazz up your next numbers interaction.

It’s easy to make your numbers move with some looping animations using motion paths. In this video, I’ll walk you through using this technique to show quiz results incrementally:

Now You Try!

Number variables that increment from zero to a specific value are a really cool way to grab your learners’ attention. And with the powerful combination of Storyline features such as variables, motion paths, and triggers, it’s an easy effect to add to your next project. I’d love to see what you create! Please share your examples, questions, and feedback in the comments below.

Alex Salas is owner and learning wizard at StyleLearn, with 12 years of experience in corporate learning technologies.  He specializes in gamification, augmented reality and video production. Alex is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) as well as a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer.  When he’s not sharing Storyline tips and tricks on social media, you can catch Alex at e-learning conferences such as DevLearn and Learning Solutions.