Publishing your course in Storyline is very simple. Click the publish button, choose your options, and then publish.

Watch this tutorial for a quick overview.

By default, Storyline publishes to Flash, but you can choose to publish for mobile using the HTML5 and iPad options. Select what you want and it's a one-time publish.

How Published Output Works

When you launch a course from the URL it will look for the Flash player. If the device doesn't play Flash then it will load the HTML5 version of the course.

If you're launching the URL from the iPad then it will try to load via the Articulate Mobile Player which can be downloaded for free from iTunes. Without the Articulate Mobile Player the content can be viewed on the iPad using Mobile Safari and the HTML5 output.  The mobile player is ideal as it will give you the best playback. Currently the Mobile Safari browser has some limitations playing media and interactive content.

You can learn more about publishing your courses in the product tutorial section.

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