How to Secure Your Home Like an E-Learning Pro

Home Security Training #145: Challenge | Recap

I’ve always been a huge fan of DIY sites like Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, LifeHack, and HowStuffWorks. They offer amazing tips and tricks for any topic you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to decode supermarket labels, manage your finances, or eat healthy snacks while gaming, they’ve got you covered. 

If there’s one thing I wish they included it’s a multimedia component. It wouldn’t have to be anything complicated, just a simple tabs, marker, quiz, game, slideshow, or any common interaction to help support the practical tips they share. Let’s take a look at a typical how-to guide that is in desperate need of a multimedia makeover.

Home Security Tips from a Burglar

Most people don’t think about home security until after they’ve been burglarized. This week, we’re thinking about it; specifically, how to design awesome training around it.

For this week’s challenge, you’ll not only think about security, you’ll design training that helps learners improve their home security.

Your source material will be a how-to guide from Lifehacker. The article features home security tips from a bona-fide burglar.

That’s right. Instead of asking security experts, they flipped things around by going straight to the source to learn what makes houses attractive for robbing.

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to design a short lesson, quiz, or interaction on home security. You can use the Lifehacker post as a starting point or source your own content.


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Wishing you a safe and secure week, E-Learning Heroes!

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