How to Get an E-Learning Course Online

Considering sharing your e-learning course on a website or your company intranet? It’s a great option for times you don’t need to track learner progress or quiz scores, and it’s supereasy to set up. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

1. Find a Web Server

To share your course on your intranet or internet website, you have to upload it to a web server. But before you can do that, you need to find one you can use. 

Start by contacting your IT department to see if your organization already has a web server. If they do, great! Ask them if you can get access to it.

If they don’t, here are two free options many e-learning pros use:

Note that there’s a usage limit for the free versions of the above web servers. If you go over the limit, you’ll be charged a small fee. 

2. Publish the Course for Web Delivery

Once you’ve identified a web server you can use and your course is finalized, you’ll want to publish or export it for web delivery. In most authoring apps—including those we offer at Articulate—this is as easy as selecting the Web option and hitting Publish. For more details, check out the links below:

3. Upload the Course to Your Web Server

Next, you’ll want to upload the course files to your web server. If you’re using Amazon S3 or Google Cloud, you can do that directly in your browser by clicking the Upload button and selecting your files. 

Screenshot of upload button in Amazon S3

Upload screen in Amazon S3


Some web servers require you to use an external app, called a File Transfer Protocol (FTP), to upload your course. If that sounds complicated—don’t worry! We made a short video to walk you through that process.

4. Share the Course Link with Learners

Now that your course is uploaded, all that’s left is to send the course link to your learners. But how do you find the course link? 

It’s easy! Simply open the course folder on your web server and look for the HTML file. 

Depending on the authoring app you used to create your course, the name of this file—and therefore your course link—will be slightly different. Here are the file names for Articulate apps:

  • Rise 360: index.html 
  • Storyline 360: story.html

Screenshot of Storyline 360 course folder on Amazon S3

Storyline 360 course folder on Amazon S3


Once you find the HTML file, click on it to view the full URL. It’ll look something like this: 

That’s the link you’ll want to share with learners so they can view your course.


Sharing your course on your intranet or internet website can be a good option if you don’t need to track learner data. And by following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll have your course in your learners’ hands in no time. 

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