Share your e-learning course for free with Google Drive

UPDATEGoogle is deprecating this feature and it'll no longer work after August 31, 2016. Consider using Amazon S3 or your own website instead.

For a quick and easy way to share your published Articulate projects, you might want to consider Google Drive. You probably already know about Google Drive’s file sharing capability, but did you know that Google recently added a web hosting feature? This new feature means that Google Drive can host your published Articulate projects.

STEP 1: How to upload your published Articulate project to Google Drive:

1. Log in to Google Drive.

2. Create a new folder.

3. Set this folder’s sharing settings to “Public on the web

4. Upload the published output from your Articulate project.

5. Rename the appropriate launch file to index.html

STEP 2: How to find the link for sharing:

1. From within the folder containing your published content, copy the characters after  from the address bar as shown below.

Host Published Articulate Projects for Free With Google Drive

2. Then, to get the link you to use for sharing with others, paste those copied characters to the end of 

Host Published Articulate Projects for Free With Google Drive

HELPFUL HINT: I have found that Google Chrome is the best web browser to use with Google Drive. Not all Google Drive features work by default in other browsers.

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Emily Spencer
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My eyes are crossing (sigh)...okay... I have read all 211 comments on this post and I still can't get this to work. I've tried the following: 1. Exported as web in Storyline 2 with 'include HTML5 output and mobile player' unchecked 2. Published locally on hard drive 3. Changed story.html to index.html (before uploading to Google) 4. Made sure Google convert setting was OFF 5. Accessed Google Drive through personal account 6. Uploaded to Google Drive 7. Made folder public on web 8. Copied end of url 9. Pasted it behind 10. Received 404 error. I did try, however, to paste the end of the url associated with just the folder displaying (without opening it to show the files inside). It gave me a link to my drive with just the folder. Then, i clic... Expand

Wes Escalante
Tonya Weathers