Interactive Timelines Just Got Easier with These 4 Downloads

So, you’ve got a course where you want to provide some historical context, and you’re wondering how to make sure it’s not a snoozefest. Or maybe you’re creating a new employee onboarding course and you’d like to tell the story of the organization they’ve just joined. We’ve got you.

Try creating an interactive timeline using one of these freebies. You’ll find several creative approaches to showing learners how events took place over time. A word to the wise: It’s easy to repurpose many timeline interactions for process interactions and vice versa. Breaking down processes into manageable chunks is a great way to let learners digest info at their own pace. Take this approach for a spin with these 4 freebies:

  • Shift control back to learners with this timeline freebie by Matt Guyan, which lets learners drag and drop their way to the event that interests them.
  • Use this nesting tabs timeline by Montse Anderson to show learners how events fit together in one era or category.
  • Let your learners go back to the future with this two-way timeline interaction by Jessica Adams.
  • Try repurposing this slider-based process interaction by Trina Rimmer for a simple and elegant timeline.

Looking for more? Check out seven more timeline freebies in this roundup. And find tons more great Storyline downloads right here.


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