Interactive Video Quizzes in E-Learning #157

Interactive Video Quizzes in E-Learning #157: Challenge | Recap

Interactive video quizzes can be a highly effective form of media for learning.

Using video-based scenarios, demonstrations, and interviews, course designers can embed questions and decision-making opportunities directly into the video. Below are some common ways to present video quizzes in e-learning.

Video Interview with Branching Quiz Questions

This is one of my favorite examples from the video interview challenge. I really like how this project alternates between presentation and quizzing modes.

Video Interview with Branching Quiz Questions

View the interactive video quiz by Amar Kulshreshtha

Interactive Video Quiz

This is another great example of video quizzes. The example features full-slide video lessons with the opportunity to challenge the learners throughout the video. The video quiz prompts can be optional or mandatory for learners.

Interactive Video Quiz

View the interactive video quiz by Montse Anderson

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an interactive video quiz. 

NOTE: Your entry can be anything from a rough concept to a polished example. The challenges are open to everyone, regardless of experience or skill level. If you need technical or creative help with your project, please ask in our forums and reference the challenge number you’re working on.

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Here are a couple articles and tutorials that will help you get started with this week’s challenge.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you quiz up for this week’s challenge, take a few moments to check out the amazing photo editing styles and effects your fellow community members are using in their e-learning courses:

Stock Photo Effects in E-Learning

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Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Daniel Sweigert

Here's another video quiz example: The goal was to take an existing video lecture and find ways to make it feel more interactive. I tried two different approaches with the video. In the first example, I split the video into multiple segments. This makes it easier to control the quiz questions when the user drags the seekbar. The downside is that the video isn't playable as a single file. In the other example, the video is placed on one slide and the questions are loaded into slide layers. The benefit here is that the entire video is available to the learner. The downside is that when the learner drags the seekbar, the question prompts are displayed for each cue point. I could probably use a variable to mitigate... Expand

Daniel Sweigert