Labeled graphic interactions are an engaging way to let learners dig into information that’s relevant to them. And now you can easily add labeled graphic interactions to the custom blocks lessons you create in Rise.

What’s a labeled graphic? It’s a type of interaction that lets you place markers on a background image. When you click on a marker, a pop-up appears to provide more information. Pop-ups can include a text description, an image, a video, or even an audio recording. It’s a great way to let learners explore an image

In the example below, learners can find out about the fruits and vegetables in the image by clicking on each marker.

Labeled graphics are already a popular pre-built lesson type in Rise, the web-based app for creating responsive e-learning. Now you can add labeled graphic blocks to your custom lessons too.

It’s super easy to start using labeled graphics in your custom lessons. Just create a new blocks lesson, click the + icon, select “Interactive”, and then click “Labeled Graphic”. To customize the block, hover over the image and click “Edit”. Then you can replace the image and customize your markers.

Have a peek at this example which uses a full-width labeled graphic block to explain key elements of forklift safety:

We’re really excited about all the new possibilities this new block type brings to creating courses in Rise. We’d love to know what content you think would work well with the new labeled graphic block—let us know in the comments!

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Nicole Legault
Training Designer