What microphone do you use?

Whether you record in Presenter or an external program like Audacity, you already know recording is the easy part. For most elearning designers, the real challenge is in choosing the best microphone.

And it makes sense considering there really isn't a way to demo microphones. Maybe someday there will be Microphone Stores where you can walk in and try out a dozen or more mics before buying.  But until that day, we'll have to trust our ears and our community.

Knowing microphones are such a hot topic, we asked you to tell us which microphones you used and to include a sample recording.  The  response was great and below you can hear the shared examples.

Want to share your own?

If you'd like to share your own examples, use the comment below to include your microphone model and a link to a recording sample. We'll update the microphone demos to include your contribution.

Click to view the microphone demo example

You can also download the PowerPoint template from the PowerPoint Templates gallery.

Post written by David Anderson

Greg Scheelar
Mike Enders
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