Articulate is committed to delivering a best-in-class product experience. Over the past few months, we’ve rolled out new features to make life easier for you and your audience. These tools offer increased flexibility to design the way you want and meet the needs of more learners. Curious about what’s new? Watch the video below for a quick overview and then dig into the details in the article below.

Save time with in-app testing 

Javascript Console in Storyline 360 Preview

Publishing to test is a thing of the past. That’s right! There’s no need to leave Storyline 360 to test anymore—debug Javascript triggers right from within preview mode. You’ll find this new feature button in the ribbon. Learn how to use this helpful feature in this article: JavaScript Console.

Meet both brand and accessibility needs with closed caption customization features in Storyline 360

Closed Caption Colors

Following brand guidelines has never been easier. With the click of a few buttons, you can now change how closed captions appear for your audience, including text and background colors.

What’s more, this feature makes it simple to meet contrast accessibility requirements—which recommend a 4.5:1 contrast or higher to ensure learners with low vision or color vision deficiency can read the text.

Learn more about contrast in this article: Contrast Considerations for Accessible E-Learning.

Closed Caption Placement 

Ever added closed captions to a course only to find you’re covering up critical content? Now, you can change the position of closed captions so no one misses important information. Choose the top or bottom of the screen from the Player Properties menu under Colors and Effects.

Learn how to change caption colors and placement in this discussion: Customize Closed Captions.

Custom Marker sizes

Make life easier on large, high-definition projects and optimize accessibility for any screen. Marker sizes default to 28 pixels wide by 28 pixels high. Now, you can resize markers by dragging the sizing handle or opening the Size and Position window to change the width and height in pixels. 

Learn how to adjust marker sizes in this user guide: Resizing Markers.

Take charge of block design and improve learner engagement in Rise 360

Enhanced List Blocks and Quote Blocks

Rise 360 includes new options to tailor blocks to your needs and preferences. Optimize your List Blocks with expanded padding and formatting options, including small, medium, and large content and paragraph alignment. 

We’re also thrilled to release a commonly requested feature set with new Quote Block design options that’ll let you change the quote block's border, padding, and width. Plus, remove avatars and quotation marks for ultimate flexibility and creativity. 

Reach 360 features to streamline distribution, improve visibility, and reduce administrative burden

SCIM Support

Reach 360 supports SSO integration to allow users to sign into one system so they don’t have to manage separate credentials. Now, that support extends to organizations that use SCIM and SAML to manage groups. This update makes it easy and efficient for admins to add, update, or delete users right from the identity provider.

For more information about SSO, SAML, and SCIM efficiencies and uses, check out this User Guide: Reach 360: Manage Groups and Users with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Group Enrollment Upgrades

Quickly release multiple training courses at one time and increase learning rates with new group enrollment enhancements. Rather than only enrolling at the course or learning path view, admins now have the power to enroll learners in multiple courses from the group view. 

Custom Learner Profile Fields

Reach admins can control learner segmentation and tracking with a new ability to capture additional information on the self-registration page. Create custom fields on invitation pages to get more information like job ID, title, and location. Use this information to understand completion rates by group and get the right training to the people who need it. Plus, it’s easy to update learner profiles and export these attributes to CSV reports.

Customization Settings

Align self-registration to your brand and drive course completion with new customization options. Admins can now:

  • Customize time and frequency of learner reminder emails
  • Change settings to adjust the header and body text
  • Provide additional content as needed


If you’re a subscriber, you’ll find these new features available now in your account. Hint: Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Storyline 360. And be sure to bookmark the feature roadmap page to discover what’s coming next. 

Not a current subscriber? Don’t worry; it’s easy to set up a free, 30-day trial to take these features and more for a test drive. 

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