Page Curl Stickers: Arrow Icons

Here’s a fun and easy way to freshen up your clip art and icon. Using PowerPoint 2010’s new shape tools and the Edit Points feature, you can quickly give depth and perspective to basic shapes and icons.

Fully editable

The icon is comprised of three objects: arrow shape, outline and shadow. You can edit the icon by first ungrouping it and then modifying one or more of the objects.

The graphics use PowerPoint’s Office design color theme. To modify the colors, you can either select one of the pre-built color themes or create your own color theme.

Download the source files

You can find the source files in the Graphics Gallery.

Here's how I built the graphics

Here are a few screencasts that walk you through building the icons. The first three steps are basic shape techniques. In the final step, we bring it all together using Edit Points to create the peeling effect.

The more I look at the icons, the more I see things I'd like to change. But that's how everything goes, right? If you have any ideas or suggestions for making the effect better, please share them in the comments below.

Tutorial 1: Creating the initial arrow graphic

Tutorial 2: Creating the arrow outline

Tutorial 3: Creating the drop shadow

Tutorial 4: Creating the pealing effect using Edit Points


David Anderson
Jeff ("JP") Redman
David Anderson