Perfect your text in Storyline 2

It's always nice when your content looks exactly the way you like. We get it! With features like the all-new text editor and enhanced font support in Storyline 2, you can fine-tune the text in your course to create a polished, professional look.

You can now improve text readability by controlling paragraph alignment and direction, customizing the spacing between characters, and setting custom indentation and line spacing. And with the new WYSIWYG text editor, when you apply formatting to text in one window, you’ll see exactly what it will look like when you publish it.

Another cool new feature is support for text ligatures. Now your letters can change shape in response to their neighbors. This gives your text a really cool look with no extra work for you.

Storyline 2 also automatically supports special characters such as smart quotes, em dashes, and ellipses, giving you more ways to capture your organization’s voice and tone. You’ll also be able to use special characters to create custom bullet points and then adjust their color, positioning, and size.

With this fine-grained control over your text, you’ll be able to create just the look and feel you have in mind. Watch this video to see the new text editor in action.

Watch the video tutorial

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Lizzie Angell

This feature is causing us many many problems. We had built over 30 courses in Storyline 1, with at least 25-30 screens, all with assessment modules too. Then Storyline 2 came out and the extra functionality and with the ability to out put for Android and with TinCan 1.0. We thought wow! this will be brilliant. We are now spending all our time trying to fix errors Storyline 2 and the text editor has created. Text that was placed fine in screens and looked lovely has now in places wrapped - due to the 1 pizel added in by the text editor - which I noticed on a comment some where a staff member said 'it would not make any difference' - we are having to go through each course, each screen, each layer, each state, each button to check for this problem, and it is throwing out a lot of our des... Expand