In Presenter ‘09, the player template you apply to your project determines the look and functions of the player interface that learners use when viewing your course. You can customize just about any facet of the player and its features by making simple adjustments to your player template—and you can reapply those preferences quickly and easily to any other presentation you choose.

If you haven’t worked with player templates before, consider starting with the tutorial called Four Things You Should Know About Player Templates. You can also explore the other player template tutorials listed below. Since the sidebar of your player is especially customizable, we have a whole series of tutorials covering the many different things you can do.

Four Things You Should Know About Player Templates
Customizing the View Modes of Your Player
Adding Attachments to Your Player
Removing or Customizing the View Mode Toggle Button
Choosing Player Controls for Your Course
Changing Your Player's Color Scheme
Changing Your Player's Text Labels
Changing Your Player to a Different Language