Quizmaker ‘09 works great as a standalone tool for building quizzes and surveys. But it’s also a perfect solution if you want to add your quiz or survey to a presentation you’ve built with Presenter. There are a couple different ways to do it:

  • You can publish from Quizmaker directly into your presentation (which is what we'll look at in this tutorial), or...
  • You can open your presentation in PowerPoint and insert the quiz via the Articulate menu. (See how to do that here.)

Both routes accomplish the same thing—the one you choose just depends on which is more convenient for you at the time. Publishing from Quizmaker right to Presenter is a nice option if you already have your quiz open in Quizmaker. Here's how to do it:

  1. From the Quizmaker menu, select Publish.
  2. Select Articulate Presenter from the publish options on the left edge of the window.
  3. If any PowerPoint files are already open, they'll appear in the window. If the presentation to which you want to publish is listed, select it. If not, use the ellipsis button (...) to browse for it and open it.
  4. Under the Insert As options, specify how you'd like to insert your quiz:
    • Insert as a slide: If you choose this option, Presenter will create a placeholder slide within your PowerPoint presentation, and your quiz will be housed there. Here's an example of what a placeholder slide looks like within a PowerPoint file: You'll be able to edit the quiz properties right from within Presenter any time by clicking the options at the bottom of the placeholder slide. Later, when you publish your presentation from Presenter, your quiz will be included in the output. When a user views your published output and arrives on that slide, the quiz will launch.
    • Insert as a tab: If you choose this option, Presenter will include the quiz as a drop-down tab on the upper edge of your course player. The tab's accessible to the user anytime while they're viewing your presentation, except where you've applied Slide Only as the view mode. (Learn more about view modes.) Here's a peek at where the tab would be located on the player - but keep in mind you might have additional tabs for other items too: 
  5. Check the publishing Properties and adjust anything that needs changing:
    • Quiz Title: You can change the quiz title, if you like, by clicking on it. Quizmaker uses this text for the title bar that users see at the top of the quiz when it launches. Also, if you add the quiz as a tab on your player, the name on the tab will be the same as your quiz title (though you can change that later if you like).
    • Questions: This just indicates how many questions are in the quiz, and any randomizing or pooling you've enabled. You can't change the info here; to do that you'd need to click Cancel and modify your quiz.
    • Passing Score: Click this value to change it if you want. If you're working with a survey, there won't be a passing score, since surveys aren't graded.
    • Player Template: This indicates the quiz player template used for your quiz or survey. The template determines the look and functionality of the player that users see when they launch your quiz. Click the link if you want to make any last-minute adjustments to the quiz player template, or if you want to switch to a different template.
    • Quality: If users will view your project via the internet or an intranet, choose Optimize for Web delivery. If users will view the output from a CD or local source (such as the hard drive of a PC), choose Optimize for CD-ROM delivery.
  6. Click Publish.

That's all there is to it! Quizmaker publishes your quiz or survey to the presentation you specified. When publishing is complete, you'll see a pop-up like this one:

Now you can switch over to your PowerPoint file, where you can view or adjust some important quiz properties.

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