Quizmaker Branching

In order to get even more out of your Quizmaker journey, you'll want to learn about branching. Branching lets you show special slides to your learners based on their choices. 

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 07 > Branching.quiz

Step 1: Set-up Branching for Choice A

  1. Double-click the Multiple Choice thumbnail from Question Group 1
  2. For Choice A Feedback, click More...
  3. In the Branch to the following slide: menu, select 4. Review the Chocking Process
  4. Click OK

OK, here's what just happened.

We set up the branching for Choice A. The branching tells Quizmaker to direct the learner to a specific slide if Choice A is clicked. In this case, the Blank Slide we created in the previous lesson.

We'll use the same feedback for Choice C, the other incorrect choice. For Choice B, the correct answer, we'll branch the learner to the end of the quiz.

Step 2: Set-up Branching for Choice B

Choice B is the correct choice so we'll use a different branching feature here.

  1. For Choice B Feedback, click More...
  2. In the Branch to the following slide: menu, select Finish Quiz
  3. Click OK

And finally we'll set up branching for Choice C.

Step 3: Set-up Branching for Choice C

  1. For Choice C Feedback, click More...
  2. In the Branch to the following slide: menu, select 4. Review the Chocking Process
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Save & Close

Click Preview or Publish to view your files. Try the incorrect answers to test the branching. Notice how you're taken to the custom feedback slide? This is a simple example of the feedback possibilities you have in Quizmaker.

What's Next?

Now that our branching and remediation slides are complete, we can move ahead and customize the quiz Pass and Fail Results slide.

David Anderson
David Anderson
Tommaso Di Carlo

Hi David, Do you think you can help me with the following? I would like to create 2 different fail result pages, one for the 1st quiz attempt and 1 for the 2nd and last attempt. I add in the fail result page the following sentence: "By clicking on the "Finish" button, you will be directed back to the course summary page. Go through the course once more and try the quiz again. That will be your last attempt" People who fail the 1st attempt are linked back to the course though the "finish" button, go through the course once more and then start the 2nd attempt. When they finish the 2nd and last attempt and fail, they still see the above sentence and the finish button is still linked back to the course. I would like to eliminate that when people fail the 2nd attemp and give the option of... Expand

David Anderson
richard leonard
Laura Payette

I've created a quiz with three questions. Each question is followed by two blank slides (one with feedback for the correct answer and one with feedback for the incorrect answer). I've set the branching up and everything works correctly EXCEPT in the last question. In that third question I've set the branching for both of the blank slides that follow it (with the correct/incorrect feedback) to "Finish Quiz." (Just like in the last screen shot of the tutorial on this page.) If I answer that question correctly, I get the correct feedback slide, but then instead of finishing the quiz I continue to the next slide, which gives the incorrect feedback. I don't understand why this is happening. Shouldn't the quiz end at that point? That's what I want to have happen. What am I doing wrong? ... Expand

David Anderson