Free up admin time and give new learners easy access to your training content by generating a link that directs to a self-registration landing page. You can also have learners sign up and be added automatically to a group of your choosing. 

Enable Self-Registration

To enable self-registration, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Manage tab and click Settings.
  2. Toggle self-regisration to On.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Click Download QR Code to download an image file of the QR code and Copy Link to copy the URL.

Please note, existing users can't use the self-registration page.

The link takes registrants to a landing page where they enter their email. If you've uploaded a logo and selected a brand color in your account settings, they're reflected here.

Once learners click Create Account, Reach 360 sends an email invitation as if you'd manually invited them. Once they complete registration, they'll appear under the Users tab with a Self-registered tag.

Self-registered users are invited as learners. Prior to them creating their account, you can manage their invitation as you would any pending user. These users also have the Self-registered tag.

The auto-generated links are valid for new registrants only if self-registration is enabled in Settings.

Customize Self-Registration

Customize the header and body text of your self-registration page from the settings tab. 

  1. With self-registration enabled, click Customize Page.
  2. Enter your title and body text in the appropriate fields. A preview displays on the right. Title text can be up to 100 characters, body text up to 600.
  3. Click Save to commit the changes. 
  4. Click the back arrow to return to the settings tab.

Create Group Self-Registration Links

One of the best ways to get learners into training quickly is by assigning them to groups. When a user is part of a group, they're automatically enrolled in all training that the group is enrolled in. 

Once self-registration is enabled for your account, you can create self-registration that automatically adds new learners to a specific group. 

  1. On the group tab, hover over an entry in the list and click Add a self-registration link.
  2. Click the Share icon.
  3. Click Copy to copy the URL and Download QR Code to download an image file of the QR code with the same name as the group. 

When learners self-register using the generated links, they're automatically added to the associated group. These links are valid as long as self-registration is enabled on your account.

Note: If you're using SSO, self-registration isn't available for groups you manage via your IdP

Disable Self-Registration

To disable self-registration for a specific group, delete the links by clicking the trash can icon.

To disable self-registration for your entire account, toggle self-registration to Off on the Settings tab and click Save Changes. You'll no longer be able to generate group self-registration links or customize your self-registration page.

In both cases, users can still complete their account registration if they've used the provided links and generated an email invitation.

Note: If you re-enable self-registration, non-group registrants will have to use the new auto-generated links. The previous links will no longer be valid. Group self-registration links remain valid. If learners have a problem with a group link after the feature was disabled and re-enabled, ask them to clear their browser's cache.