Reach more learners with Android support in Storyline 2

With Storyline 2, you can now build beautiful content for nearly any device, including desktop computers, iPads, and Android tablets. Yes, we now have Android support!

It’s up to you how you want to publish courses for learners using tablets:

  1. Publish to HTML5 so that learners can view courses on mobile web browsers.
  2. Publish directly to the Articulate Mobile Player for iPad and Android tablets, giving learners a native app viewing experience.

Android device
It’s super easy to publish to either HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app. Just complete your course, select publish, and choose all the formats you want to include in your output. You’ll be ready to reach learners on any device in seconds. Check out this tutorial to learn more: 

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James Basore
Ramon Smitherman

I am having some difficulties with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Android). I created a template sized for a mobile device. Created my only navigation to save space and when I run it, the Articulate mobile player resizes the player small for mobile. However it is already sized small for mobile. So the story file plays much smaller than my screen size. So I uninstalled the Articulate Mobile player and tried again. The story file triggers the phone to install that Articulate Mobile Player and will not let me run the story file without it. I am assuming there is something in the launch program to disable this? Otherwise it would seen we development in normal size but with larger buttons and fonts and let the Articulate Mobile Player do the resizing. Is there something I am missing i... Expand