Now that you know how to enable slide notes in the narration window, the next step is to record your audio.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter_03 > Record_Narration.

Record your narration

  1. Open your Record_Narration.pptx presentation
  2. Click Slide 2 to select it. We're starting with Slide 2 since the first slide is only a cover slide and doesn't have any content.
  3. Open the Narration window by clicking Articulate > Record Narration
  4. When you're ready to record, click Start Recording and start talking
  5. Click Stop Recording when you're finished narrating the slide

Easy, isn't it?

Reviewing your recording

Want to hear how you did? The great thing here is we don't have to exit the Narration window or Publish the course to hear how we did. We can play it back from the same toolbar!

  1. Click the Play button to hear how you did
  2. While recording, you have access to the Pause button. I don't think this option is used enough by users. Sometimes you feel a cough coming or maybe some clatter down the hall and rather than clicking Stop and re-recording, you can pause the recording until the noise passes. I'm a big fan of the Pause button!
  3. To re-record your audio, click the Start Recording button again. Clicking Start Recording deletes the previous recording.

Note: It's always a good practice to review your first recording of the day. Audio settings, microphone placement and even your vocal projection can change from one recording to another. For whatever reason, you should always consider reviewing your audio.

Recording additional slides

If you're happy with the way everything sounds, you can continue to the next, or any, slide in your presentation.

Using the Slide Selector, you can select another slide by clicking the:

  • Forward/backward arrows to select the next or previous slide
  • drop-down menu which shows slide titles and thumbnails of your slides so select any slide in your presentation.

Arrows vs. Slide Selector?

Both options are valid, but depending on your recording situation, you may find each offers advantages.

For your initial course recording, most users record the slides in sequential order using the arrow keys. Inevitably there will be some audio changes during course production.

During these pick-up sessions you may find it easier to use the Slide Selector to select specific slides to record rather than using the arrow keys to move through the entire course.

Saving your recording

Click Save & Close when you're finished recording your audio. Save & Close is only available after you've stopped your recording.

Sometimes users pause their recording thinking they've stopped it. It's not a big deal since Save & Close will be grayed out until the recording is officially stopped.

That's it for audio! It might take some time before you're comfortable talking to yourself in front of your computer, but that comes with time and practice.

What's next?

That's all there is to it! In the next lesson, you can practice recording narration for the rest of the slides.