Reducing Bullets Points and On-screen Text

One of the most common questions e-learning designers ask is around how to reduce the amount of bullets in their courses. And it's a great question, because when used appropriately, bullet points offer an effective way to organize content and increase readability. So, why are bullet points so misused?

One reason is they're easy, right? You’re in a hurry, your storyboard is already developed – the bullet points are practically begging you to copy-paste them to the slide.  So how can you begin using more supporting visuals in place of bullet points?

Here are a few ways to reduce bullet points:

  • Rewrite as a question and allow the narration to answer the question
  • Shorten bullet points from full sentences to a phrase or even a word
  • Use one bullet point per slide
  • Use an image, graphic, chart or animation in place of each bullet

The following screencasts demonstrate some before and after examples.

And Part 2:

Here's an example of the storyboard used for this course.

Rachel Leigh
Gangotri Patwardhan