Reducing Bullet Points and On-screen Text in E-Learning

Reducing Bullets Points and On-screen Text

One of the most common questions e-learning designers ask is how to reduce bullets in their courses. It's a great question because bullet points effectively organize content and increase readability when used appropriately. So, why are bullet points so misused?

One reason is they're easy, right? You're in a hurry, and your storyboard is already developed – the bullet points practically beg you to copy-paste them to the slide. So, how can you begin using more supporting visuals instead of bullet points?

Here are a few ways to reduce bullet points:

  • Rewrite as a question and allow the narration to answer the question
  • Shorten bullet points from complete sentences to a phrase or even a word
  • Use one bullet point per slide
  • Use an image, graphic, chart, or animation in place of each bullet

The following screencasts demonstrate some before and after examples.

Another approach for reducing bullet points and on-screen text.

Progressive Reveals: Less Text and More Multimedia

Progressive reveal is a storytelling technique where designers reveal information or content gradually, in a step-by-step manner, rather than presenting everything at once. 

Share Your Tips and Resources for Bullet Point Makeovers

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Rachel Leigh
Gangotri Patwardhan