During the Rise 360 team folders beta, we're giving you the option to switch back to a familiar interface. Keep reading to learn how to access the Classic Dashboard and see how it differs from the team folders beta interface. 

Toggle Dashboard View

From the main dashboard, click your profile icon and select the Classic Dashboard option. 

When you're ready to jump back into the team folders beta, click your profile icon and select the Team Folders option. 

Differences Between Classic Dashboard and Team Folders

Classic Dashboard offers a simplified view of your available content. You can see both the training you're working on privately and anything you’re collaborating on with team members. 

  • All Content displays all of your content, regardless of whether you've organized it into folders or are collaborating on it with team members. View your content as cards or a list, organized by last modified or alphabetically by title. 
  • Shared With Me contains only the content to which you've been added as a collaborator. 
  • Folders appear in the sidebar and are for your private organization only. Content added to folders remains visible in your All Content and Shared With Me views. Create a folder by clicking New Folder. You can also create new folders when you select the Move to option from any content file. 

Note: Folders created in the Classic Dashboard become folders in My View for the Team Folders beta and vice versa. 

  • From the Deleted folder, you can restore content or delete it forever.

The Classic Dashboard doesn't have the Private or Team sections found in the team folders beta. As a result, you can't create subfolders or share multiple items with multiple collaborators at once. Any private or team folders you've created in the team folders beta are inaccessible while using the Classic Dashboard. However, all content to which you have access is still available.