Creating a course in Rise 360 is easy, but it’s even more so when you start with our carefully researched lesson templates. Rise 360 has an extensive collection of modular, fully customizable lesson templates that deal with business topics relevant to every employee. You can easily mix them with your own original content or use them to create a complete course. 

  1. Access Lesson Templates 

  2. Browse Lesson Templates

  3. Add Lesson Templates to Your Course

  4. Make Them Your Own

Step 1: Access Lesson Templates

If you’re starting from scratch with a new course, go to the Create tab, click the New Course button, and select the Lessons tab.

To add a real content lesson template to an existing course, open the course, press Enter to add a new lesson, then name it whatever you'd like (the title will update automatically based on the lesson template you choose). When you press Enter again, click Add Content, then choose Lesson Templates.

You can also create a new course from lesson templates by selecting them in the Create New dashboard and clicking Add to New Course.

Tip: Looking for a full list of available business content topics, series, and lessons? Click here. Follow the link for a list of available Next Big Idea Club lessons.

Step 2: Browse Lesson Templates

Select a topic from the grid to display its topics and lessons. You can also use the search field to quickly find lessons by entering the title, topic, or series.

Lessons are sorted alphabetically by title. The amount of time it takes the average learner to complete the lesson is listed on the right. 

Select a lesson to see a fully interactive preview of the complete lesson. Use the Previous and Next links at the top to move through the available content without returning to the lessons list. 

For a list of available lesson templates, click here.

Step 3: Add Lesson Templates to Your Course

Select the checkboxes for the lesson templates you’d like to include in your course or, if you’re in lesson preview mode, click the Select Lesson button. Once you’re done selecting lesson templates, click the Add to Course button at the bottom to add them and return to your course. You’ll see that the new lesson you previously created has been replaced by the content you selected. 

Note: Partner content such as Next Big Idea Club lessons will contain pre-populated links to partner sites.

Step 4: Make Them Your Own

We’ve created lesson templates for a wide variety of workplaces and business situations but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize them! 

Just like Rise 360 content you create, each real content lesson template is fully editable to meet your training needs. This way, you can make sure the content fits with your style, complies with local laws, or meets compliance regulations for your industry.