We've partnered with Next Big Idea Club to bring to Rise life-changing training content from the world’s most brilliant luminaries. These courses feature videos from the authors themselves, sharing their insights directly with learners.

Finding Next Big Idea Club Content

Next Big Idea Club courses have their own category on the Create New dashboard. You can also add individual Next Big Idea Club lessons to your courses. If you add individual lessons, consider that Next Big Idea Club content is sequential and builds on previous lessons. You may need to add some context for your learners.

Note: When you use Next Big Idea Club content, the original author or authors are automatically credited as the author of that course or lesson and, in the case of course overview pages, include links to the Next Big Idea Club site and to purchase the author's book. These links also appear in Next Big Idea Club video blocks. The links display only in conjunction with Next Big Idea Club content and can't be edited or removed.

List of Next Big Idea Club Content

This is the most up-to-date information on what's currently available in Rise. We'll update this list as new Next Big Idea Club content debuts. Click the links below to see the individual lessons, if available.

Finding Meaning and Pleasure Through Suffering

Author: Paul Bloom

Author: Wendy Wood 

Author: David Epstein

Author: Daniel Pink

Author: Jennifer Eberhardt

Author: Daniel Coyle 

Authors: Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy

Author: Daniel Levitin

Authors: Elena Botelho and Kim Powell

Author: Janelle Shane

Author: Safi Bahcall

Author: Alex Hutchinson

Author: Vivek Murthy 

Author: Maria Konnikova 

Author: Kate Murphy

Author: Stephen Johnson 

Author: Bradley R. Staats 

Author: Zachary R. Wood

Author: Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

Author: Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett

What Hunter-Gatherer Societies Teach Us About Work, Time, and Well-Being

Author: James Suzman

Author: Shellye Archambeau

Author: Dr. Ethan Kross 

Author: Shankar Vedantam, Bill Mesler 

Author: Amanda Ripley 

Author: Rutger Bregman 

Author: Annie Murphy Paul 

Author: Katy Milkman

Author: Ayelet Fishbach

Author: Chip Heath

The Benefits of Regret

Author: Daniel Pink