Based on learning and design principles and built to empower content creators, Articulate AI lets you deliver high-quality training more quickly than ever. And, since our AI features are human-centered, you stay in control.

Toggling Articulate AI

Articulate AI settings

At this time, there are no active Articulate AI settings. However, Articulate 360 Team admins can opt out of the coming AI Assistant free trial.

Simply go to the account management console and select Manage Subscription. Under Articulate AI, toggle the Free Trial setting. Confirm by clicking the Opt-Out button on the pop-up screen that displays.

If you've opted out of the AI Assistant free trial, toggle the Free Trial setting and agree to the AI terms of service to opt in.

If you don't have access to the Manage Subscription tab on the account management console, please reach out to support and we'll be happy to assist you.


Does Articulate AI keep my data? Will it be used to train AI models?

Articulate respects your privacy and does not retain or log your data for the purpose of training AI models. Check out AI Security and Privacy at Articulate to learn more.

Does Articulate AI generate content in languages other than English?

Not at this time, but future features may generate content in the same language as your source material. If you're looking for multilingual content generation, please let us know!

Is AI-generated content editable?

Yes, you can edit content generated by Articulate AI just like you would any other content.

Are there other AI features planned beyond AI Assistant and AI Video?

We want to hear from our users what will be most useful for them! Future AI features will be guided by customer feedback. Use the feedback link in the AI feature itself to let us know what you think.

Is Articulate taking steps to ensure its AI doesn't generate offensive or objectionable content?

We have a whole team and process dedicated to AI quality and will be vetting it with our customers throughout the entire journey. That said, we want to know if you encounter objectionable material generated by Articulate AI. Please gather as much information as possible (a screenshot is always helpful) and reach out to support

Will AI features be added to other Articulate 360 products?

We're currently developing Articulate AI for Rise 360 but are considering adding it to other Articulate 360 products like Storyline 360. Stay tuned!