Knowledge checks are an important part of training. It’s a way to engage the learner, test their progress, and provide them with feedback. With Rise’s knowledge check blocks, learners can easily gauge their understanding as they work through lessons. And since knowledge checks are ungraded and do not report a score, you can use them as a stress-free check of learners’ understanding.

Adding a knowledge check block to your Rise lessons is quick and easy. The first step is to create a blocks lesson within your course. Inside the new blocks lesson click the plus sign that appears when you hover over the Getting Started text. This will bring up the Block Library sidebar; select Knowledge Check from the list of options. You will then be presented with four types of knowledge checks:

  • Multiple Choice: This is a go-to for many training designers. This question type is especially useful when you want learners to recall discrete facts and concepts.
  • Multiple Response: The multiple response question type is a good choice when you need to allow learners to select more than one response.
  • Fill in the Blank: This is a great question type to use when you want to challenge your learners, as it forces them to recall information instead of recognizing the answer from a list of choices. Rise even allows you to define multiple correct responses and turn case sensitivity on or off.
  • Matching: This question type lets you make a list of associated pairs, then Rise breaks them up and shuffles them to create a drag-and-drop assessment that helps your learners become familiar with terms and concepts.

Looking for some inspiration? Have a peek at this demo Rise course on Training Needs Analysis that incorporates all the new knowledge check block types.

View Example

We can’t wait to see all the great knowledge checks our community members will incorporate into their blocks lessons. Make sure to share your creations in the community!

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Nicole Legault
Markus Duesterhoeft

I love the knowledge check blocks, but like in many other areas in Rise, I feel always some basic core functionality/settings are missing and surprised they are not there yet with the release of rolling out these features or at least implemented shortly thereafter (within a couple of weeks/months). Why not yet an option to disable showing correct/wrong answers, since a re-take button is provided? With providing feedback to the choices, Ideally, we want learners to have the curiosity to check out what is behind the other answers, which of course is more likely for them to do with showing the correct answers, to speed up that process. But if we have more complex answers on purpose or want them to think a bit more about what the correct answer could be, we will need to be able to hi... Expand

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Andrew Elder
Thomas Tschech