Header Image - Rounding Up the Latest New and Improved Features in Articulate 360One of the best things about an Articulate 360 subscription is that you’re continuously getting new and improved e-learning goodness. That’s why we’re kicking off 2021 with a fresh batch of updates for you! This assortment of features and enhancements gives you even more flexibility and faster workflows—and makes it easier than ever to create accessible learning experiences. 

So here’s a quick app-by-app roundup of the 18 features and 8 new assets 😮 we’ve just rolled out. 

Storyline 360

With Storyline 360 you can create anything you can imagine—and the possibilities just got even better. That’s because the new features and enhancements we’ve made give you more options for assessing your learners, a streamlined authoring workflow, and easier ways to provide more accessible learning experiences. 

Assessing Your Learners

  • With expanded quiz tracking you have the ability to create courses with both a pre-check and a final assessment. 
  • The score-only-viewed-questions feature adds new flexibility for you to grade only the quiz questions that learners interact with. This is a powerful way to create a quiz that adapts based on learner’s responses.
  • The ability to track multiple completion criteria gives you even more authoring control. Now you can mark a course completed as soon as learners view a certain number of slides, finish a quiz, or reach a completion trigger.

Streamlining Your Workflow

  • The text styles feature helps you control the visual appearance of text elements like paragraphs and headings for a more consistent project design. You can even rename and create custom text styles for every text element in a project.
  • Autofit text lets you choose how text displays when it overflows its bounding box.  
  • And enhanced Word translation saves you time and gives you more flexibility when collaborating with your translators. Soon you’ll be able to export your course to a DOCX format to work with a broader array of word-processing apps. 

More Accessibility Enhancements

  • Accessible text styles help you make your content easier for screen readers to navigate.
  • Accessible text gives your learners the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to access player controls. We’ve also improved player controls so they follow a more intuitive navigation order. 
  • Hyperlink states can help you maintain a more consistent design in your course, while also providing clearer visual distinction for learners with low vision.
  • With semantic formatting, you can rest assured that text elements like headings, paragraphs, and hyperlinks are recognized and announced by screen readers.
  • The ability to adjust player settings empowers learners to customize their learning experiences for their needs and preferences. Now they can turn accessible text on or off, change the zoom mode, and toggle keyboard shortcuts.

Rise 360

Accessibility is about creating learning experiences that work for everyone. And now you can reach an even wider audience with Rise 360. That’s because Rise 360 now supports a learning experience in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA.

To learn more about our WCAG support, check out this collection of accessibility resources.

Review 360

Everyone’s favorite project review app also got some love. We’ve added more features for easier organization and simpler reviews.

  • Save time with product filters to help you quickly find the projects you’re looking for on your Review 360 dashboard. 
  • We also added a video playback speed feature that gives your reviewers the option to choose a playback speed that’s comfortable for them.
  • Additionally, reviewers will love how easy it is to give their feedback with the new picture-in-picture video feature. Now they can move a video to a floating window, so it’s easier to watch while they’re leaving comments. 
  • Keyboard seeking is another handy productivity win for busy reviewers. Now they can quickly jump backward and forward in five-second increments when watching video projects by pressing the left and right arrow keys on their keyboard. 

Content Library 360

Over in Content Library 360, we’ve been creating more of what you’ve told us you already love—gorgeous templates and diverse characters. 

  • Wow your learners with two stunning new templates, Synergy and Vitality. 
  • We’ve also added two new photographic characters, Renita and Craig, to help you create more diverse and relatable courses.
  • And, we’ve added four new modern illustrated characters, Dante, Pamela, Charles, and Simone, to help you add richness and complexity to your projects.

Articulate 360 Teams

Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to share a handy new account management feature for Articulate 360 Teams subscribers: download seatholder info. Now you can download details about your seatholders to a CSV file so you can easily review who has access to Articulate 360 and email everyone all at once. 

We’re so excited to share these features and assets with you! We hope they’ll make your life a little easier. To see many of these features in action, watch the following video for a helpful overview.

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