Cool new e-learning examples

E-Learning Heroes create and share amazing e-learning in the community every day. We pulled together some great examples featuring cool progress meters, gorgeous navigation, and cool ideas for customizing each learner’s experience. Dig into these examples (including two free downloads!) to get inspired for your next project.

  • Get new design inspiration from this Subway-Inspired Progress Meter, created in Storyline by Joanna Kurpiewska.
  • See how you can use simple progress bars in your knowledge checks in this example from Montse Anderson.
  • Learn how to use progress meters to draw learners into your course with this racecar example from Richard Watson.
  • Check out my 70-20-10: A Model for Learning to see how you can customize the story size and the player in Storyline 2.  
  • See how you can use free icons to create an interactive progress meter in this Storyline 2 example by Tom Kuhlmann. And get the download for free!
  • Learn how to help learners choose their own destiny in this cool example from Michael Hinze.
  • Nancy Woinoski’s example uses a progress meter in the menu to show learners how far they’ve come. Download this elegant menu for free to use in your next project.

Got something you want to contribute? Share your examples in the E-Learning Heroes discussions any time.

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