Sequence Drag and Drop

In this lesson you'll use Quizmaker's Form View to create a Sequence Drag and Drop question.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 07 > Sequence.quiz and Quiz_Questions.docx

Step 1: Create a New Question

We're using the questions and choices from the Quiz_Questions.docx for this lesson.

  1. Click Graded Question > Sequence Drag and Drop
  2. In the ENTER THE QUESTION text box, type "Arrange the steps in the correct sequence."
  3. Copy/paste each of the choices from your storyboard into the Correct Order fields. Make sure you paste them in the correct order.
  4. Click Preview

Step 2: Customizing the Feedback

Now let's replace the default feedback with some of our own:

  1. In the CORRECT > Feedback text field, type "Yeah! That’s the right sequence."
  2. In the INCORRECT > Feedback text field, type "Nope, sorry. That’s not the correct sequence."

We'll work more with feedback in the next chapter.

Step 3: Insert an Image

Our final step is to add an image. The image we're using has been around for years and I think it sums up nicely the need to follow correct tire-changing procedures.

  1. Click Media > Picture... and select Sample_Image.png
  2. Click OK
  3. Click Preview
  4. Click Save & Close

Checking your work: Preview your quiz

What's Next?

In the next lesson you'll work in Quizmaker's Slide View to create a video-based multiple choice question.