hero illustration of a character in a cowboy hat hauling a lasso


Fall is right around the corner. Depending on where you live, you may be starting to notice the signs: a crispness to the air, leaves changing color, and—perhaps most noticeably—work starting to pick up again after the slow summer months. During this time of year, the only thing you want more than a pumpkin spice latte is some extra time to conquer your to-do list.

We can help! We’re rounding up the templates from our #PPTbreak summer special to help you stay ahead. When you work from these templates, you can knock out gorgeous, interactive projects in no time. Here you go!

  1. The clean layout and stunning imagery in this hospitality-inspired template give it a sophisticated look.
  2. This template uses movement and statement colors to engage learners.
  3. Tell a story using bold images with this stylish timeline interaction.
  4. Fun colors and unique shapes make this tabs template feel youthful and energizing.
  5. Presenting terms and definitions doesn't have to be dull. Spice things up with the cute icons in this click-and-reveal interaction.
  6. Demonstrate a step-by-step sequence to your learners with this approachable process template.
  7. The exceptional imagery in this interactive world map makes it stand out from other geography examples.
  8. Give your technical material a polished look with this sleek template.
  9. This click-and-reveal interaction is great for packing lots of content into a single course with several elegant, clutter-free slides.
  10. Make a static checklist more engaging by dressing it up with the fun graphics in this template.
  11. This template helps learners remember important principles by pairing them with memorable images. 

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