Quizmaker ‘09 allows you to give your learners more than just one shot at getting a passing score. When you insert a quiz into a course you’ve built with Articulate Presenter, you can set the quiz properties from within Presenter to determine how many attempts the user gets within that session.

Let’s take a look at how to do it:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Open the quiz properties:
    • If your quiz or survey is contained on a placeholder slide, go to that slide and click the Properties area at the bottom.
    • If your quiz or survey is housed within a tab on your player, select Quizmaker Quiz from the Articulate menu. Then click Player Tabs and select the quiz or survey from the window.
  3. In the Quiz Properties area, find the drop-down labeled User may attempt quiz. Set it to however many times you want your users to be able to try.
  4. Click Close.

Once you republish your presentation, the new setting will take effect and users will be able to try your quiz as many times as you specified. If you've enabled more than one attempt, users will see a Retry button at the end of their quiz, like in the example below. The button will appear on the quiz’s result slide if results are enabled. (Learn more about result slides.)  If you haven’t enabled a result slide, the button will appear on the feedback pop-up for the final question in the quiz. (Learn more about feedback.)