Articulate 360 Teams subscribers have access to exclusive features that make it super easy to collaborate. Let’s take a look at how you can start working together!

With the team slides feature, you can share Storyline 360 content with other Articulate 360 Teams users. You can upload templates, individual slides, and entire scenes to your shared collection for any team member to use in their projects.

Anyone with an Articulate 360 Teams account can also collaborate on Rise 360 courses. Just invite your team members, and they can work on different lessons simultaneously or take turns fine-tuning the same one.

Articulate 360 Teams users can also take block templates they create in Rise 360 and share them with the rest of their team. With shared block templates, team members can build Rise 360 courses even faster.

And that’s not all! Review 360 is also a great collaboration feature available to all Articulate 360 subscribers. Simply publish your Storyline 360, Rise 360, or Studio 360 courses to Articulate 360 and get feedback from your stakeholders all in one simple web app.

In this quick video, Articulate CTO Arlyn Asch shows you the basics:

Cool, right? If you’d like to try out these useful features, just fire up Storyline 360 or Rise 360.