To Engage Learners, Welcome Them to a Custom Virtual World

We live in a 3D world, so it’s no surprise that many people learn best through hands-on experience. The more learners can see, hear, and explore through a virtual world that simulates the richness of real life, the more engaged they’ll be in interactive online learning.

That’s the reasoning behind a new Articulate Storyline 360 feature that transforms panoramic 360° images into immersive, learner-navigated spaces, bringing playful curiosity to online training. Storyline 360 makes it easy to create interactive experiences with 360° images for learners to explore as their curiosity dictates.


Research shows that personalized interactive online learning environments promote active learning to increase attention, interest, and perceived enjoyment. That translates to engaged, enthusiastic learners who retain more information—and have fun while they do it.

It takes just a few steps to transform any 360° image into a full-color immersive world that learners can explore at their own speed:

  • Choose a 360° image from the library, or upload your own.
  • Incorporate customizable clickable markers for text, audio, and video training content. 
  • Add hotspots where learners can discover hidden bonus content. 
  • Provide clues and context with hover triggers for more immersive interaction.
  • Guide navigation to enable discovery while covering all course content.
  • Add progress indicators to offer feedback and motivation.

Check out the video to see this feature in action, learn more at, then sign up for a free trial to see for yourself what’s possible with 360° images.


Trina Rimmer
Felix Pulido