header illustration featuring a character on a dial

Dials are new in Storyline, but the e-learning community is already using them everywhere.

Dials are like sliders with one main difference: instead of moving along a straight path, they move along an arc or around in a circle. As with sliders, dials give learners a chance to manipulate data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, and control other objects on the slide.

You can drop prebuilt dials into projects for instant interactivity or create custom dials from any object, graphic, or image with one click. So whether you need an interaction fast, or want something completely custom, Storyline makes it quick and easy to build.

Here are some examples of this versatile interaction:

If you have a dial interaction you’d like to share, be sure to leave your demo in a comment on the original E-Learning Challenge. New projects are always welcome!

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