Quizmaker ‘09 invokes a subtle sound effect when users hover over or select an answer in your quiz or survey. However, if you don’t like the clicking sound, it’s easy to turn it off. Just follow the steps below—and don’t worry, turning off sound effects won’t affect the sound related to any other audio or video you’ve added to your quiz or survey.

  1. Open your quiz or survey in Quizmaker and select Player Templates.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select the Colors and Effects tab from the left edge of the window.
  4. In the Fonts and Effects area, use the Sound Effects dropdown to choose Disable.
  5. Click OK.

If the template you're using is one of the master templates that came with Quizmaker, you'll be prompted to enter a new template name. This is because master templates can't be changed. Enter a new name and click OK, and Quizmaker will create a copy of the master template, with the changes you selected

Now click OK, and you're finished. Next time you publish your quiz or survey, no more clicking noise!

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