I love Storyline variables. Which might come as a surprise if you know me, because I am SO not a programmer! But that's the cool thing about Storyline—variables and other concepts that used to feel way above my head are now actually really easy and <gasp> fun if you use Storyline. Even cooler is the fact that variables can be great tools for making a course more interactive and responsive to your learners.

Check out the example below. It's a simple demo that was shared in a forum conversation with fellow community member Anne England. Anne wanted to create a seek-and-find interaction in which a visible counter shows learners how many correct objects they've found so far. Storyline variables to the rescue! By using a number variable and just a few simple triggers, you can easily create a tally to keep track of how many items the learner has clicked.

Want to learn more? Take a five-minute tour of how to build the interaction:

And if you'd like to take a look at the source project, you can download the .story file here.

How are you using Storyline variables in your projects? Head over to the Storyline forum and share your tips, tricks, and samples with the rest of the community! Or, if you have a project where you think variables might be useful but you're not sure how to incorporate them, post your questions in the Storyline forum and let the community help you out!

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Bart Collart

I have used this tutorial to set up a variable on a slide where I would like the "Click NEXT to continue" layer to appear only after the learner has clicked seven objects. I set up each object to have a Normal and Visited state. Pretty much followed the tutorial. Trouble is when I give my variable count the number 7, my "click NEXT" layer never appears. If I give it a count value of 6, my "Click NEXT" layer appears on the first click. I'm sure it is something simple. Would anyone mind taking a look? Here is a link to the published file: https://community.articulate.com/articles/using-a-simple-storyline-number-variable-to-show-learners-how-many-objects-they-ve-found And here is a link to the Storyline file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3619648/TSIS-Mod04-variable.story... Expand