Using Dials to Design Interactive Infographics #261

Using Dials for Interactive Infographics #261: Challenge | Recap

Interactive knobs and dials are similar to sliders. They’re both interactive objects that encourage learners to touch the screen and explore cause and effect relationships, scroll through data, and navigate menu items or options. They’re different, however, in how they move.

While sliders move along a straight path, dials move in an arc or a circular path. Using a dial gives learners a chance to interact with objects on the screen, often in the same way they might interact with them in real life. This ability to simulate real-world interactions makes dials a powerful addition to your e-learning toolbox.

We’ve hosted two challenges on using dials. Those challenges were open to any type of dial example. In this week’s challenge, we’re looking at how dials can be used to make data more interactive. 

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to show creative ideas for using dials to build interactive infographics. dials are relatively simple to use in Storyline 360, but your examples could require some advanced techniques.

If you shared a slider example in last week’s sliders for infographics challenge, feel free to re-work your slider example using dials.

If you get stuck or have any questions this week, please post your questions in the Storyline forums and we'll help you out.

New Entries Only!

We’ve hosted several dial challenges and the examples are always amazing. To keep things fresh, we’re asking that you share only new examples this week. You’re more than welcome to re-work a previous example.

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Wishing you a dialtastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

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