Gate Screens in Online Courses

Gate Screens in E-Learning #3: Challenge | Recap

Gate Screens

Gate screens are a great way to make learners pause and interact with your course before continuing through it. Think of gates like floating dialog boxes that provide a big picture overview or contextual help for a specific slide.

Some typical uses for gate screens are general instructions, navigation and course player tips. They can also be used to provide compliance agreements, course checklists, and custom sitemaps for your course.

Challenge of the Week

Show and share your best out-of-the-box ideas for using gate screens:

  • Objective: Design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen. The content screen can be a placeholder screen. The key is to show how your gate screen will load and close in relation to the course.
  • Tools: You can use Articulate Storyline or PowerPoint to create your example.
  • Resources: Check out Tom’s post on gate screens and the free Storyline and PowerPoint templates he put together in our downloads section.  


This is a really great way to practice your visual communication skills while building up your e-learning portfolio. To share your files, do one of the following:

  • Comments: Use the comments section below to share a link to your published project. The comments section allows links but not attachments. If you have a question or want to share your source files, you should use the forums.
  • Forums: Create your own thread in our forums and share a link to your published source file. You can also attach your project files if you’d like some help or feedback.
  • Personal blogPost your published example on your own blog and include a link in the comments below.

Looking for inspiration?

We were totally impressed with the creative ideas you shared in last week’s tabs interaction challenge. Thanks for making it a big success! To warm up for this week’s challenge, check out the creative examples your fellow community members shared last week:

Have a gatetastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

Post written by David Anderson

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