Using Tabs Interactions in E-Learning (2022) #362

Tabs Interactions in E-Learning #362: Challenge | Recap

Tabs interactions are one of the most common interactions in e-learning. They’re super flexible and come in all shapes, sizes, and designs.

Tabs Interactions in E-Learning

For e-learning designers, tabs make it easy to break down and group related content into smaller, more meaningful sections. Using tabs to reveal each section helps learners remain focused in the moment without jumping out to new slides or scenes. 

And for course designers new to e-learning or just getting started with Articulate Storyline 360, tabs interactions are a fantastic way to learn Storyline’s core building blocks: slides, states, layers, and triggers.

We use tabs-style activities all the time to teach Storyline in our workshops, webinars, and tutorials. And tabs interactions are what this week’s challenge is all about!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a fresh example that demonstrates how tabs interactions can group related content into meaningful sections in e-learning courses.

Basic Tabs

If you’re just getting started with Storyline, try to focus on the alignment and positioning of slide objects before adding the interactivity with triggers and layers. Work with the shape tools, formatting options, and alignment tools. Don’t worry about making your tabs  look good. Instead, focus on Storyline’s workflow of adding states, layers, and triggers.

Advanced Tabs

For those of you with Storyline experience, try working with conditions to make something happen after the learner clicks all tabs.

Can you reveal a hidden or disabled button after all tabs are visited? Can you make something happen when a slide layer's timeline reaches a cue point or the end? What can you do with the layer properties options to affect how the tabs interaction functions?

New Entries Only!

We hosted the first tabs challenge seven years ago. Since then, community members have shared hundreds of tabs-style examples and downloads. Because tabs are so common, we’re asking that you only share new examples in this week’s challenge.

Share Your Source Files!

It’s no secret community members love freebies! It’s also no secret that the challenges are one of the most visible ways course designers get their work in front of the community. If you’re up for it, please consider including a download along with your example this week.

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