Using the With Previous Animation Event

Now that you know how to create On Click animations, the next step is to learn the second most-used animation: With Previous. One of the best uses for With Previous is for those times when you want an animation to begin when the slide first loads.

You could use On Click events, but it's much easier to simply set the animation to With Previous and let the animations smoothly load while the slide loads.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter_04 > With_Previous.pptx.

For this animation, we'll apply the Fly In animation to the flat tire on Slide 2. We'll want the animation to play as soon as the slide loads so we'll also look at re-arranging the animation order.

  1. On Slide 2, click the flat tire image to select it
  2. Click Animations > Fly In to apply the Entrance Animation. The animation preview shows the flat tire flying in from the bottom of the slide.
  3. With the flat tire still selected, click the Effect Options button and select From Left from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Play to preview your animations.


Changing the animation order

Everything looks good except for one thing: Our tire animation is flying in after the text animations. We want the tire to animate at the beginning of the slide.

We need to make a quick change to the animation order.

  1. Select the flat tire animation in the Animation Pane
  2. Click-drag the animation to the top of the animation list
  3. Click Play to preview your animation
  4. Right-click the flat tire animation and change the event to With Previous. You'll notice the animation order changed from 1 to 0. This indicates the graphic is set to play as soon as the slide begins.

What's next?

In the next lesson, you'll learn to work with the After Previous animation events.

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