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Viewing content in the Articulate Mobile Player is as easy as clicking a link.

Viewing Content for the First Time

To view Articulate content in the Articulate Mobile Player, you'll need a link to the file that launches the content. Depending on which product was used to publish the content, you'll need a URL for the following launch file:

Product: Launch File:
Articulate Storyline story.html
Articulate Presenter presentation.html
Articulate Quizmaker quiz.html
Articulate Engage interaction.html


Email the launch URL to your mobile device or add it to a web page for easy access, then launch the URL in your mobile browser. It'll briefly open your mobile browser, then it'll immediately launch the content in the Articulate Mobile Player app. That's it!

Bear in mind that content can only be viewed in the Articulate Mobile Player if the option to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android was marked when it was published.

To learn more about publishing Articulate content, see these tutorials:

Storyline Studio 360 Studio '13
Storyline 360 Presenter 360 Presenter '13
Storyline 2 Quizmaker 360 Quizmaker '13
Storyline 1 Engage 360 Engage '13

Viewing Content More Than Once

When you launch a content item for the first time (see above), it gets added to your Articulate Mobile Player library.

To launch a course again, tap its thumbnail image to reveal its information card, then tap the play icon.

Tip: Another way to open a course again is to click its launch URL again (see above).

Whether the course picks up where you left off previously or takes you back to the beginning depends on how it was launched and how it was published. See Resuming Content.

Closing a Content Item and Returning to Your Library

At any time while a course is playing, tap the Library button in the upper left corner to return to your library of content items.

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